Thursday, 24 March 2016

7 Facts That Turn Customers Into Raving Fans

7 Facts That Turn Customers Into Raving Fans

Imagine your customers being as enthusiastic and passionate about your brand as they are over their favourite sports team… take a minute to picture that Blue Bulls supporter up in the stands – you know the one with the horns stuck on his head and his body painted blue.  Think of the passion he has for his team, now imagine your clients having that same sort of passion for your business, that’s what’s known as a Raving Fan.   They are out there advertising and converting more people to your brand than you can possibly hope for.  Think that sounds good?  So do we!
How much time and money do you spend focusing on brand awareness and advertising?  If you’re anything like us, probably a lot… one hell of a lot.  Converting your focus to turning your customers into your raving fans can be very valuable, even powerful, in today’s personal network era, so…
How do you turn customers into Raving Fans?
  1. Be delightful to your customers. Exceed their expectations and this will lead to a positive emotional reaction.  Smile while you speak over the phone and type a friendly email.  Think about it, you feel special when you phone a company and they remember your name and what your business is all about.  Do research on your customers and get to know them.  They will recommend you in future!
  2. Stay cool when you address customer problems. Set any emotional feelings aside and listen actively, letting them air their grievances without interrupting.  It is always better to keep your side clean.  Repeat their concerns and let them see you are concentrating and understanding their situation.  Apologise and present a solution.  If you stay cool when the heat is turned up, your customers will feel they are being looked after and this will help cool down their own emotions.
  3. Don’t just solve your customers’ problems, solve them painlessly. Instead of making it time-consuming for your customers, and making them put in the work, do it yourself and go the extra mile.  They are sure to tell people about your service in the future and build trust, knowing that when something might go wrong, the problem will be fixed efficiently and without them having to worry about it.
  4. Respond to comments and discussions. Remember, your customers and potential customers are online. When they comment or post on, for instance, your Facebook page, reply to them personally.  Remember to not make your replies seem automated and dull. Make them feel like they are actively being listened to.  Remember how you felt when your crush never replied to your message?  You don’t want to be that person…so take the time and write a personal message in return.
  5. Always think of your customers when making business decisions. Your business will be nothing without your customers, so keep them in mind when you make service, product, and website-related decisions.  Ask yourself: Will they love it?  Make it convenient for them, before you make it convenient for your company.  Just imagine their smiling faces and work from there.  Put yourself in their shoes…
  6. Follow up – find out how they experienced every part of your service delivery. This does not mean automated surveys and ratings, these usually don’t contain enough in-depth details.  Call them and speak to them, ask them how they experienced every aspect of your business. They will feel like you are investing in them and that they are actually helping out, instead of being bothered.
  7. Happy employees make happy customers. Not all companies think, or even care, about this one simple fact: Customers enjoy buying a product or using a service from a company where the team members are genuinely happy.  If the workplace environment is unpleasant, workers tend to become impolite and greedy.  Try to offer an atmosphere that will bring out the best in your employees.  Google is a prime example of how well this can work.
So next time you see the crazy Blue Bull fan on your TV as you’re watching the Super Rugby, think about the ways you can delight your customers, solve their problems effectively, respond to their comments and always keep them in mind when you make even the simplest of decisions in your company.  Just remember to keep your employees happy too!

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